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    Hey Mort, hey Monte - I need a new garage, and your most recent garage sales have been a huge disappointment in this regard. Maybe Ia m just not looking in the right place? I suspect you only have one or two at a time, but heck, ita s not like Ia m trying to buy a computer graphics card, OMG.

    Also, I assume a precondition of being a Woot employee is agreeing to store Bags oa crap in your garage, soooo, maybe a coworker has a spare garage thata s is low on Woot inventory? I dona t mind picking up a referb in this case, as long as those mooks from HP didna t do the referb. Stay in your lane, laptop goons.

    Hook up a fellow monkey, and send me a bananagram when you know the date of the next REAL garage sale, puhhhhh-leeeez.


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