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    Samsung 980 Pro M.2 2TB Gen 4 NVMe SSD for $380, and code SS2AZ9A928 drops the price to $342. This is a significant price drop from the $399 price two months ago.

    Only some of the very latest desktop and laptop computers have Gen 4 compatibility. With Gen 4, this SSD will provide the best performing reads and writes available today. Some laptops may have Gen-4 compatibility, but may ship with a Gen-3 SSD.

    Our new Thinkpad X1 laptop is Gen-4 compatible, but came with a Gen-3 SSD. We opened the bottom of the laptop and replaced the SSD with this Samsung 980 Pro 2TB, and love the incredibly fast performance boost.

    If you want a M.2 SSD but your computer does not support Gen-4, a quality Gen-3 SSD may be a better choice than a Gen-4. For example, a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB uses MLC cells which could give better longevity than the TLC used in the 980 Pro.

    For a similar deal, a Kingston NV1 2TB M.2 Gen 3 SSD is available for $170.

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    Code EMC2AZ9AZ54 gives 20% off of solid state drives on the list, including: Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 Gen 3 SSD for $80, or $64 with code EMC2AZ9AZ54 (13?/GB). Normally sells for $80. Samsung T7 Portable 2TB USB 3.2 External SSD for $300, or $240 with code EMC2AZ9AZ54 (12?/GB). Normally sells for $300. High-performing, with data encryption protection available.

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    Micro SD Memory Cards, used in certain mobile devices, GoPro cameras, and drones: Samsung EVO Select 256GB U3 MicroSD Memory Card for $28 (11?/GB) Samsung EVO Select 512GB U3 MicroSD Memory Card for $60 (12?/GB) SD Card, for SLR and Mirrorless cameras: Samsung 256GB U2 EVO Plus SD Memory Card for $24 (10?/GB). Quality is rated almost as high as a Sandisk Extreme Pro which sells for $60. 256GB capacity can hold approximately 50,000 photos taken from a phone, about 4,000 uncompressed photos taken from a SLR or Mirrorless camera, or about 4 hours of HD-quality video. Actual usage varies wildly, depending on quality mode and type of camera.

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