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    Samsung 980 Pro M.2 2TB Gen 4 NVMe SSD for $380, and code SS2AZ9A928 drops the price to $342. This is a significant price drop from the $399 price two months ago.

    Only some of the very latest desktop and laptop computers have Gen 4 compatibility. With Gen 4, this SSD will provide the best performing reads and writes available today. Some laptops may have Gen-4 compatibility, but may ship with a Gen-3 SSD.

    Our new Thinkpad X1 laptop is Gen-4 compatible, but came with a Gen-3 SSD. We opened the bottom of the laptop and replaced the SSD with this Samsung 980 Pro 2TB, and love the incredibly fast performance boost.

    If you want a M.2 SSD but your computer does not support Gen-4, a quality Gen-3 SSD may be a better choice than a Gen-4. For example, a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB uses MLC cells which could give better longevity than the TLC used in the 980 Pro.

    For a similar deal, a Kingston NV1 2TB M.2 Gen 3 SSD is available for $170.

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    Code EMC2AZ9AZ54 gives 20% off of solid state drives on the list, including: Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 Gen 3 SSD for $80, or $64 with code EMC2AZ9AZ54 (13?/GB). Normally sells for $80. Samsung T7 Portable 2TB USB 3.2 External SSD for $300, or $240 with code EMC2AZ9AZ54 (12?/GB). Normally sells for $300. High-performing, with data encryption protection available.

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    Micro SD Memory Cards, used in certain mobile devices, GoPro cameras, and drones: Samsung EVO Select 256GB U3 MicroSD Memory Card for $28 (11?/GB) Samsung EVO Select 512GB U3 MicroSD Memory Card for $60 (12?/GB) SD Card, for SLR and Mirrorless cameras: Samsung 256GB U2 EVO Plus SD Memory Card for $24 (10?/GB). Quality is rated almost as high as a Sandisk Extreme Pro which sells for $60. 256GB capacity can hold approximately 50,000 photos taken from a phone, about 4,000 uncompressed photos taken from a SLR or Mirrorless camera, or about 4 hours of HD-quality video. Actual usage varies wildly, depending on quality mode and type of camera.

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    $190, and code 93XRU23 applies $15 off during checkout. Normally sells for $190.

    This is one of the few 4th generation NVMe SSD cards on the market today, and is probably one of the best. Only the newest laptops, desktops, and mini PCs have a performance benefit from 4th Gen NVMe, so check with your computer's specifications to see if NVMe "Gen 4" is supported.

    Computers older than a year may not support Gen 4. The Samsung 980 1TB M.2 SSD (not the "Pro") is a cheaper alternative, providing the same performance as the Pro on NVMe "Gen 3" systems. It may even provide equal or better longevity since it uses MLC-based memory cells, versus TLC cells on the Pro.

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