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    Newegg is offering 1-Year Quicken Deluxe Personal Finance Software Subscription for the best deal

    Regular Price is $51.99

    Quicken Deluxe (Windows/Mac) $31.99
    * Promo code DYLSCSA6337

    Quicken Premier (Windows/Mac) $41.99
    * Promo code DYLSCSA6338

    Quicken Home & Business (Windows) $56.99
    * Promo code DYLSCSA6339

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    This SSD costs $9 in my Walmart @ Lewisville,TX (online is $29). I got the last 2 in that store, but probably there are more in other Walmarts. It comes with a USB3 to SATA adapter, a serial key to...

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    Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen USB Interface with Software Suite $229.99

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    Newegg [] has *Select Antivirus & Security Software* (Digital Delivery) on sale when you apply the corresponding promo codes listed below. *Available Options: *[LIST][*]2-Year...

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    Newegg is offering the Team 64GB C175 USB 3.2 Gen 1 Flash Drive, Speed Up to 100MB/s (TC175364GB01) for the best deal.

    Regular Price is $8.99

    Newegg Price is $4.19 Shipped

    What can you use a 64GB USB Flash Drive for?
    A 64GB USB drive can be used for various purposes depending on your needs. Here are some common uses for a USB drive of that capacity:

    File Storage and Transfer: You can use it to store and transfer files, such as documents, photos, videos, music, and other types of data. It provides a portable and convenient way to carry important files with you.

    Backup: You can use the USB drive to create backups of your important files and documents, providing an extra layer of protection in case of computer or data loss.

    Portable Applications: You can install portable applications on the USB drive, allowing you to run software and applications on different computers without the need for installation. This can be useful for productivity tools, utilities, or even games that you want to use on multiple devices.

    Bootable Drive: You can create a bootable USB drive, which can be used to install or repair operating systems. This can be helpful if you need to install a new operating system on a computer or troubleshoot issues.

    Multimedia Playback: If your TV or other devices support USB playback, you can store movies, TV shows, or other media files on the USB drive and directly connect it to your device for easy media playback.

    Portable Operating System: Some operating systems, like Linux, can be installed and run directly from a USB drive. This allows you to carry your operating system and personal settings with you, enabling you to use your preferred OS on different computers.

    Data Encryption and Security: USB drives often come with built-in encryption software, allowing you to secure sensitive data and files with password protection or encryption algorithms.

    These are just a few examples, and the uses for a USB drive can vary depending on your specific needs and preferences.

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    Codeium, a competitor to Github Copilot, is letting new users download its AI Code autocomplete plugin for free, forever. If you are a software developer, this is a major productivity boost. Even...

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    Capture One is offering their *Capture One Pro Photo Editing Software on Desktop* (Perpetual License) on sale for $299 - Extra $149.50 Off w/ coupon code *MAYSALE23* (apply in cart) = *$149.50*. ...

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    Newegg has select *Microsoft 365 Subscription Software Bundles* (Digital Downloads) on sale as noted below. Thanks to Slickdeals Staff Member *DesertGardener* for finding this deal. *Available...

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    *Deal Link* [] About this item: [LIST][*] 8 x 1G and 2 x 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Multi-Gig Ethernet ports [*] Simple plug-and-play setup with no software to install or configuration needed ...

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    StackSocial is selling Microsoft Office Professional for Windows and for Mac for $50. No subscriptions or monthly/annual fees are required.

    Includes a "lifetime" license for one computer only. Let's unpack what that means. Office 2021 will be supported until October 13, 2026, so this "lifetime" license will include support and security updates for the next 4.5 years. After that day, the software will continue to work on the computer but at a higher security risk. According to the product description, the product will work on just one computer. When you want to install on another computer, such as upgrading to a new laptop, you will have to transfer the license. Also, this software is standalone, meant for one individual without cloud service and no upgrade path for future releases of Office. However if you want to view and edit documents from Word, Powerpoint, and Excel without using cloud services like and Google Docs, $50 for a license with 4.5 years of support is a hot deal.

    After purchase, return to within 30 days to redeem your purchase. View your purchase history, locate the Office purchase and copy the product key. Save the key for later. Click the "Redemption Link" button, sign-in to your Microsoft account, and apply the product key. Microsoft will provide links to download Office.

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